Why does my cat follow me everywhere

Why does my cat follow me everywhere

Why does my cat follow me everywhere? If you have ever asked yourself this question, it is probably because you are still unsure of why your cat follows you everywhere. A cat is an animal that is very independent and curious. It follows its owner for as long as it can. This is one question most pet owners have asked at some point. Cats are very territorial animals; they have their territory and will go to the extent of following their owners wherever they go. It’s pretty natural for a cat to follow its owner all over, but this can become problematic if they go to areas they’re not accustomed to. Here are a few reasons why cats will follow you everywhere.

Separation Anxiety

If your cat follows you everywhere, this could be one of the symptoms of separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is a widespread condition, and many times you can pinpoint the cause. The problem is that our pets tend to get over-excited when we leave them alone, which leads them to want to follow us everywhere. If you notice that your cat follows you everywhere and seems overly excited even when you aren’t around, this could be an early warning sign.

They need our Company and Affection

Cats follow us everywhere because they need our company and love. If we left them all alone, they would go a little crazy and want to ruin our day, but they will feel excellent about themselves if we are around. They can follow us from room to room, but when they get bored, they want to return home and do the same thing they did the last time. We can entertain them with a new toy or treat, but it is essential to keep them amused until they are willing to come home with you again. Keeping them active and happy will make for a long life together and something fun and satisfying for all.


The cat can follow you everywhere because of hunger; in that case, you need to take her to the vet immediately. Cats have a strange way of communicating with us. While she may follow us from room to room, she will most likely follow whatever food items we feed her. As strange as this sounds, you have probably experienced this before. Your cat is seemingly going crazy while you are away from home, and she keeps dragging food back and forth to you. The vet might prescribe several things for you to try to stop your cat’s behavior. These include tranquilizers, anti-anxiety medication, and even the prescription diet for your pet. Keep in mind that you need to play with your cat if you want to cure the problem.


Cats can follow you everywhere because of curiosity. Like most wild creatures, a cat’s curiosity can get the best of them, and they start to follow wherever they go. They can follow you up the stairs while cooking and just everywhere. A cat’s curiosity can cause them to follow a trail all over your house. If they do this enough times, they can get themselves into real danger and have a real hard time getting themselves out. Some animals that follow their curiosity and get themselves into real trouble are dogs and especially cats. You can train your cat to stay away from dangerous situations by rewarding it when it does not follow where you go.

Sudden Major Change

Have you ever experienced that it suddenly follows you everywhere when you leave your cat for a while? It follows you everywhere, and it doesn’t seem like it has any mind of its own. When you go somewhere, it just takes off like crazy and doesn’t seem to know where it is going. This would be weird if you knew where the cat was following you. If you want to stop your cat from acting this way, you need to make it understand that there is a significant change taking place. You need to make your cat see these changes and respond accordingly. Start by petting your cat and letting it get used to the idea that you are no longer the main thing in its life.

Cats are very sociable animals and enjoy having a routine in their lives. They’ve probably learned and adapted to loving their humans, including following you everywhere, from the house to the car, once again following you out of the house and the bathroom. Some cats may follow us because they feel secure when we’re around, and they want to feel safe too. You can usually tell when they’re feeling insecure because they will growl, scratch, and make all sorts of noise.

Other cats may follow us because they want to play if you’re trying to train him not to follow since he’ll eventually get used to it. Most cat owners find that cats follow them to the new place they’re moving into — so the best solution is to train them to be aware and try to avoid the above reasons. This will keep him from getting nervous and possibly not following you everywhere.

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