Is it a good idea to use human shampoo on dogs

Is it a good idea to use human shampoo on dogs

Is it a good idea to use human shampoo on dogs

It is a common fact that pet owners give their pets a quick brush-over during bath time. Based on the degree of activity, it is okay. If your dog spends most of its time in the house, there is no need to clean them regularly. If their paws get somewhat dirty, a quick wash is likely necessary.

If they stay outside for long or are companion dogs, you need to clean your pet frequently.

Whatever they do, to get an ideal clean, you have to lather them with shampoo. In this scenario, pet owners face a real dilemma:



Can you use human shampoo on dogs?

There are myths about the safety of using regular shampoo for dogs, which we do not recommend. Regular shampoos are more prone to acidity, which can ruin the skin/fur of your dog as time passes. They are more likely to damage your dog’s sensitive skin and may have scents that your dog will not like. There will be emergencies in time when you will have to clean your dog with human shampoo. In the event of this, a tiny quantity of regular shampoo will suffice. It is essential to use the right shampoo.

Make the bath area clean and hygienic.

It is not a good idea to bathe in a dirty tub. We humans do not prefer it. So why would your pet? Clean the tub thoroughly using a sponge, or give the tub a thorough water blast using the hose before allowing your dog to splash in.

Check the ideal temperature.

The temperature of the water and the outdoor environment are crucial when washing your pet. When the bathwater gets cold, dogs are more susceptible to illness, and when the water is too hot, they will be in a world of discomfort. Make sure to test the water before you let your dog into the tub. Choose a day that is pleasant to bathe your dog if you plan to clean them outdoors. They mustn’t be cold in the calm wind or scorching hot under hot summer.

Relax and enjoy

It is not just a piece of advice for your dog. It is also for you. You and your dog must be comfortable during bath time. If you sit up while bathing your dog, ensure a mat beneath your feet for extra relaxation. If you are kneeling, ensure that the equipment you need is in reach. Usually, having a second person beside you while you bathe the dog will help keep things going smoothly. It is an excellent occasion to involve the entire family as everyone takes an opportunity to wash the dog. For your pet, a delicious reward and hugs will help them remain calm enough to be quiet while you wash them.

Be patience

Take extra care when you clean your dog’s eyes, faces, and private parts. These are delicate areas that, when not properly treated, could cause your dog to be in significant discomfort. To clean these areas properly, you can use dog shampoo and gently scrub the place to get rid of any dirt. Make sure that soap is kept away from your dog’s eyes and ears as much as you can.

Now let us come to the primary discussion point, 

Is it a good idea to use human shampoo on dogs ?

Is human shampoo suitable for my pet?

The regular shampoo will indeed suffice in the event of emergencies. However, you should not be applying it regularly. The mantle of humans has an acidity balance of 5.2 to 6.2. The pH balance of dogs is 5.5 to 7.5 and tends towards the latter. It makes human shampoo pH-sensitive for canines. A single bath using human shampoo will not cause any harm but could cause damage over time. When possible, we recommend that you avoid using shampoo with any other fragrances such as lavender, chamomile, or citrus since they can hurt or burn the skin of your dog.

Do I have to apply baby shampoo to dogs?

The research shows that shampoo for babies is more effective since it is more suitable for the pH. What is the reason for this? You have probably noticed that baby shampoo is frequently advertised as being tear-free. If you have ever dealt with children who have had shampoo get on their eyes, then you will know it. Eyes have a pH of seven, which is the same for baby shampoo, which means it is suitable for your dog’s skin with a known pH between 5.5 and 7.5. However, the scents and colourings found in baby shampoo may cause harm in time, which is why we suggest only using dog shampoo.

What are the advantages?

Dog Shampoos have plenty of benefits. There is a wide selection of options to pick from online.

Dog shampoos are excellent to maintain your dog’s coat. Every time you wash your dog, the coat will appear smooth and shiny. They will smell fresh, and all the dirt and grime within their coats have been cleaned out thoroughly. The scents included in shampoos for dogs are made with natural and safe ingredients, which means it is safe for their skin. The Dog Shampoo is much simpler to apply than the other types of shampoos. Because it is designed specifically for canines, the shampoo lathers up quickly, allowing you to begin bath time effectively. Because it is specially designed for dogs, these shampoos can benefit from various ailments or skin conditions. You can aid your dog by bathing them with dog shampoo.


The most important thing to note is that, while it is generally safe to use baby or human shampoo in a single application, it should be fragrance-free and tear-free. Human shampoos do not have the correct pH to suit the needs of puppy dogs or adults. It means your dog’s skin will suffer as time passes due to the acidity present in baby/human shampoo. The most effective way to fight this is to apply a dog shampoo available for all types of dogs, with all kinds of coats.

However, can you use human shampoo on dogs?

The answer is NO. Use only dog shampoo.

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