How to tell if a dog has fleas

How to tell if a dog has fleas

Keeping a pet is not an easy job so whenever you are going to adopt a pet or you are already having it always keep in mind that a specific pet is your family member Who needs your love and attention. There are two different meanings of attention, one is to giving them a lot of time or spend your time maximum with them as much as they want you to be. Another meaning of attention is to get your pet under your observation so that health can be controlled. Just like our family members need our attention when we feel any change in their behaviour we get worried and we always want them to have a full check-up with a good doctor similarly your pet at your home required the same.

When we talk about the health of a pet it consists of many things. One is the physical appearance, Number 2 is psychological behaviour and number 3 is overall behaviour change.

 When we talk about how to tell if a dog has fleas, we should keep in mind that for this purpose a dog should be around the observation. If your dog is not feeling well or having some kind of disease then its behaviour will show you that something is wrong with your dog.

Now the important question here is how do we know if a dog has fleas?

For this purpose, if you have noticed your dog that it is scratching a lot, shaking his head, trying to bite itself then definitely you will be surprised to see that this behaviour of your dog shows that it has some itchy bugs. This is just an indication of having fleas but to make sure that something is wrong with your dog you need to find out the symptoms of a flea infestation. So now you have to put your dog under close observation and you need to find that if your dog having a flea infestation? it’s not a difficult job to observe your dog find out if it has a flea infestation because of a lot of itching, your dog skin will be irritated and turning into the red or might be having scabs. Another important thing that we must not lose here is whenever a dog has a flea infestation and they bite a lot themselves on the skin and they start itching a lot more it also causes their hair loss. So in such a case when you are feeling your dog is behaving weird and you want to know if your dog has a flea infestation you need to very carefully inspect your dog skin.

Now the question that comes over here is how it looks like? These are small tiny insects even smaller than ants which can be found easily in your dog’s armpit or the groin areas they hide in such places of your dog’s skin as they feel warm and protected there. You need to completely observe the whole fur of your dog skin to find out if fleas are inside the fur. Here are some important points which you can notice.

  1. Your dog skin maybe read reason if your dog is scratching the skin
  2. You can see tiny little fleas that are jumping and moving quickly into your dog’s fur
  3. Another important point is, you can also see Larvae that are hatched or about to be hatched means developing into adults fleas.
  4. One more sign that you can see while observing your dog skin area is, you can look tiny black specks look like ground black pepper. This is called flea dirt which shows the sign of a flea insect.

So, how to tell if a dog has a flea is not a difficult job it can easily be noticed by observing your dog behaviour and the skin.

Now let’s talk about how we can control fleas? You can easily remove the fleas by using a flea comb on your Dogs fur to capture them. Similarly, you can also dispose of them easily by putting soap water into a bowl nearby which is also called a light trap because if flea in your dog is present it will be moving here and there on your bed, on your carpet etc. If you use a small dish of Soapy water near light it will easily jump To that light and fall into the b o w l. An important thing to discuss over here is, if your dog will swallow that flea, it can cause internal parasites into your dog body which are called tapeworms. Whenever your dog is having a flea infestation and you want to tell that your dog has a flea by doing all the precautionary measures take your dog to the vet as well to have a checkup that if your dog is having a tapeworm too because of a flea. Also if your dog is having a flea those insects love to bite humans as well so sometimes when you have a flea bite you will get to know that your pet at home is having a flea infestation.

To remove the flea other than comb you can use a flea shampoo. Put that shampoo for 5 to 10 minutes into your dog fur and then wash it with clean water. The cleanliness of your home in your yard and your garage will also help your dog to stay away from flea infestation. If you have carpets in your home try to use carpet spray or carpet powder and home spray. You cannot lightly take this flea thing because it can cause bad damage to your dog’s health.

Just like you take care of your kids and family. Think about your dog as your family member and a kid. Its health is as important to you as your family’s. Never ignore your pet if it’s behaving weird and showing uncomfortable behaviour. Like other diseases flea infestation is too dangerous for your dog. It can cause many other skin diseases, internal parasites which can cause its diet loss also your dog will start losing its beautiful coat.

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