How to stop a dog from peeing in the house?

How to stop a dog from peeing in the house?

How to stop a dog from peeing in the house

Each one of us has a pet or wishes to buy a pet. Usually, people prefer dogs, and why would they not? They are loyal, friendly companions for life, and most importantly, they are so cute that they take all our worries away. However, dogs also have one bad habit, and that is to pee anywhere they wish.

Just as loyal as they are, they pee in our house with the same loyalty, now if we were Bruce Almighty, we would instruct our dog to go to the toilet for peeing, but that’s not going to happen, so here are proper ways to stop a dog from peeing in the house.



Why do dogs pee in the house?

This question leads to another question, do dogs pee inside your house to take revenge for something? Again, the answer is no, dogs don’t pee inside your home to spite you or when they are angry, vengeful, or want your attention. Instead, they do this to show their feelings.

Your dog is strange to feelings like anger, revenge, and madness like us. They only want love, warmth, food, enjoyment, and survival because their brains are naturally wired towards such feelings. Like us, dogs wouldn’t hold a grudge and take revenge for it later. Bottom-line, dogs don’t know vengeance. So what are these feelings? Let’s understand them first before we get to how to stop a dog from peeing in the house section?

Dogs pee because of anxiety and fear: Dogs can pee out of anxiety and fear. Experts say that when you react badly to a naughty dog, it shows affection by playing around. As mentioned earlier, dogs never pee to take revenge. It might appear that your dog has taken off its gloves, especially when it pee-paints your furniture. However, that’s just the way of its communication.

Dogs pee to seal an area or when jealous: This point may seem weird, strange, or even made up to you, but it’s the truth. Your dog will become uneasy about someone else taking over their area, whether a new baby, a new person (such as your newly wedded husband or wife), or a new pet. Now we know that dogs don’t know vengeance, but experts have proven that they can become jealous, so they pee to mark their territory. 

Dogs can also pee due to a health condition: It may look like your dog has peed in your home for attention or because it is mad at you, but you would want to disregard the timings. Instead, be alert, as it could be an indication of a health problem that you never noticed. You are not to blame for not seeing them because they are not always recognizable. Such issues that force your doggy to pee indoors can be:

  • Urinary tract infections.
  • Kidney diseases.
  • Gaul bladder infection.
  • And more.   

Dogs pee when they can’t hold it anymore: Sometimes, the simplest of answers are the correct ones. for example, suppose you were outside the house for the day and return to see dog pee all over your floor and wooden furniture, again it has not taken a leak out of grudge. However, your dog was not able to hold it in for that long.

Dogs pee when they are not house trained: We left the most obvious one for last. The dog you bought wasn’t correctly potty trained, so next time when your dog pees in the house, don’t be surprised. So don’t scream. It wasn’t a vengeful or out of grudge act. Your furry little friend doesn’t know the law of the house yet.

Fact: Dogs pee in or around their food bowl out of jealousy. It’s their way of showing authority.

Expert tip: If you smell a maple syrup odor in your dog’s pee, then it might indicate dog diabetes. Go to your vet immediately and if dog diabetes is found, get immediate treatment because dog diabetes is as much as dangerous, if not more than human diabetes.

How to Stop your dog from peeing in your house?

All of us want our house to be shiny and squeaky clean, like our dog’s polished and clear skin coat. But that’s impossible if our dog continues leaking in the house. A further problem is you will have to clean up a mess that you didn’t make. So with that being said, it’s training time for your dog, and here are the Tips to Stop a Dog From Peeing in the House.

Take your dog to a vet: The first step you must take if your dog is peeing in the home is to take it to the vet. Different medical conditions can lead to dog urinating anywhere, and healing them is crucial for your dog’s health and is a solution to the peeing issue. 

Spay or neuter your canine: Flawless dogs are more likely to get involved in urine marking habits. Spaying or neutering your dog often decreases or significantly removes such behavior. For older dogs, you require other techniques. 

Train your dog: In pups peeing in the house often means that they require more training. If your dog is an adult, retraining will sometimes solve the problem.

Give it enough potty breaks: Relying upon age, breed, size, and other factors, some dogs can’t hold it in as other canines. So you need to ensure that your furry little friend is getting enough opportunities to pee-paint outside as frequently as it requires.

Spot and get rid of triggers: You might notice a pattern about where and when your dog pees. A simple solution is to change your dog’s routine or environment, which can reduce accidents. 

Get professional help: Other than veterinarians. There are psychologists for dogs too. They can examine your dog and give you methods to control your dog’s pee pattern. 


Your dog peeing inside your home is a nasty issue. However, it’s never out of grudge or revenge, and you can quickly stop your dog from peeing in your house.  

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