How to give a dog a pill?

How to give a dog a pill?

How to give a dog a pill

Pills, I still remember in my childhood, when the doctor prescribed me medicine, I always got upset. When we are a kid, we never think how it is so important to stay healthy. If we are not in good health, we need to take medicines to cure our problems. Our Parents try to give us a treat so we may take those pills prescribed by the doctor. I do not know how many methods parents try the doctor tries to give medicine when we are kids. And when we become adults, many of us are still allergic to get pills.

Animals are just like us. They have the same feelings, same emotions, most of the time, the same behaviour. That is why I tell you that an animal is always a good friend of a human being as a pet. All we need to do is to behave the same as we do with our children. We take care of them as we understand their feelings. We know different methods to make our children feel easy and do what is necessary.

How to give a dog a pill

So, if we have a dog as our pet, We have to consult a vet occasionally for regular check-ups. Sometimes when a dog is not in good health, the doctor will prescribe a medicine to him. Now the big question is how to give a dog a pill? Difficult question and difficult to handle this problem? Do you think so? A big no. There is nothing you cant do for his health even if, it is a pill to give him.

We must know that if our dog is not in good health and the doctor has prescribed the medicine, it is necessary to give your dog a pill. Do not try another thing to skip it, so you may have an easy way to make him healthy. Have you ever noticed, whenever we take our pet to a vet for vaccination or deworming, he gives pills to him? But how?

Let us tell you the secret of giving medicine to dogs. There are few easy methods which you can try. Observe your vet. How he gives a dog a pill? He will try to distract the dog’s mind by discussing his health, activities, and behaviour.  Your pet is keenly listening to this conversation between both of you. And when he is busy listening to you people, the doctor immediately lets the dog swallow the pill.

There are a lot more easy methods that can help you to give a dog a pill. Keep in mind that your efforts are always needed to perform this task. Start with a treat that is best for your dog that he loves to eat or swallow? You can get them from the market, in which you can hide a pill and give it to your pet. In the market, we also get flavoured medicines that dogs can swallow. In case if the vet has prescribed the flavoured ones. Otherwise, you can hide a pill in his food. But make sure that food is a bit sticky so when a dog eats it pill sticks to his tongue along with food. In that way, he will only taste the food, not the medicine.

If these tricks do not work, then we have some other ways. Remember, there is always a solution to every problem. When you are treating your dog, there is nothing impossible or not able to perform. Animals only need extra love and a little effort to make them comfortable and to make them trust you that their owner is always with them. Just put an extra effort to give a dog a pill by using a pill pusher. It needs practice that can push that pill till the end of the throat of a dog.

Most of the vet tries extra help if it seems problematic to give a pill to a dog. You can try the same procedure in your house if you think your dog needs extra hands for this treatment. I think everything done with force is not a long-run beneficial strategy. Because when you try a medicine forcibly on a child, he will always be scared of it in his future life. A dog behaves the same until he is friendly enough to bear extra hands.

I believe in another method. Hold your dog gently. Talk nicely and show some love. Move your hands onto his head, ear, and then neck. Try to touch his teeth while playing and put your fingers into the gap of his teeth to open up the jaw. With this behaviour of you, the dog believes that you are playing with him. He will start licking you to show his love. As you are sure your dog is much comfortable in your lap playing like this, hold the pill and open up the jaw as you did before, insert it to the end of his throat and close his jaw immediately. Let his chin up only for 3 seconds. Then rub his throat gently so he may not feel anything awkward and swallow the pill. Also, right after giving it to him, it’s time for a tasty treat. He may not feel any medical treatment.

People say that the easiest way is to give a dog a pill in a treat or his favourite food. Trust me, a dog is as wise as you think and can sense and smell anything different in his food or treats. Do not underestimate your pet intelligence. Whatsoever, the way you select, you must know that nothing is impossible with your animal, especially if he is a dog. It all depends on your behaviour that how much your dog trusts you. If a dog thinks of its owner as a well-wisher, then every treatment you do with your dog is easy. But, if you cannot build trust in him, then no method will be helpful.

Animals need nothing but love. Give them as much as you can and show them that you care like their parents. As I have already told you, We put a lot of effort into giving medicines to our children for their recovery. Your pets are your children too. Understand what they are telling you. Listen to them.

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