How often should I take my dog to the vet?

How often should I take my dog to the vet?

Before we get to know that how often should I take My dog to vet, we must know a few important things about our dog. Every pet need love and attention but dogs need even more.

They need food shelter thus every type of care that other domestic animal need. So, if we are keeping a dog, we should know that it takes commitment to take care for a dog.

Dogs always want to be with us as much as we want to be with them so if they are so sensitive and a lovely animal, we should take care of its health first.

How often should I take my dog to the vet

There are two types of dogs one we call as breeder or you can say the pure breed dogs and the other ones are Mutt dogs which are called as mixed breed dogs. In order to talk about health of a dog or how often should we take a dog to a vet, we must know that do we have a mutt dog or a pure breed dog? A mutt dog is smarter than a pure breed dog also have fewer medical problems and they live longer but because we like pure breed dogs so if we are keeping ones which are pure then we have to be more careful about their health.

It is obviously important to visit vet because in order to have a comfortable life with the dog we should know the actual breed, age, condition and history of a dog. Many people say that we should visit our vet once in a year for the vaccination or for the regular checkup but actually in a year we should see our vet twice or thrice. The reason is dogs have so many diseases and mental issues as well. We cannot ignore our pet if it’s not comfortable or having a change in a behavior.

Naturally it cannot be happened that our dog is perfect throughout the year. They have different moods, they have different problems and they have different behaviors Which they do change throughout the year. So always keep in mind that we must not visit the VET once in a year but we should often take a dog to its vet. There are lots of problems which our dog can face. For instance, big dogs like German Shepherd, greyhounds, Great Dane, borzois these dogs have deep chested conformation that puts them at greater risk for bloat. Great Dane and specially Boxers they have cardiomyopathy which is the very dangerous disease that can cause a death as well. This disease is related to heart muscles that can be treated but it can never be cured.

How often should I take my dog to the vet

There are some other problems in dogs as well that’s why we recommend that we should often take our dogs to vet. For example, dogs with long back such as Basset hounds, Corgis or Dachshunds or any mix breed dog can have back problems. Another trait of Bassett dog is dwarfy. These dogs look cute but short legs of them can develop joint problem from an even weight distribution and ultimately cause arthritis.

If you already know your dog history what it has inherited then you should take care of them in the start and take your dog to vet in the start of adoption. Another point to be discussed is, old dogs also experience almost same symptoms of age that older people do. Like their bones they become brittle, that joints tiffin, their digestion slows moreover, they also get grey hair. They face hearing problem and if they live long enough, they can have some serious disease like cancer or Diabetes.

Why we should take a dog to vet often is because vet can have a proper guess of a dog’s age by looking the overall condition checking the teeth and some other factors. He can properly explain us what problem a dog is facing or can face in future. If we often take a dog to vet, we can control many problems of a dog like bacteria, parasite and cough can be cured with proper medication, broken bones can set, any other serious problem can be solved with simple surgery but all we need is patience and tolerance. Twice a year checkup of a dog is compulsory but I hear when they hit 9 years of age that means almost an old age then our dog needs to see a vet at other time also throughout the year. Below are some causes for alarm so that we get to know that when to see a vet:

  1. Change in diet more or less
  2. To change in energy level number
  3. Drinking more and more water
  4. Passing urine many times or not at all
  5. Diarrhea or constipation
  6. Vomiting
  7. Coughing and sneezing
  8. Discharge from eyes nose or ears
  9. Ears scratching
  10. Excessively licking or biting at its paws or tail

These are the warnings that give us an alarm that we should take a dog to a vet immediately. A dog is a best friend of human. It gives us so much unconditional love that we cannot pay off. So, if you are thinking to adopt a dog as your pet or already keeping it, never ignore its health.

If we talk about dogs i must share here that no less an American president than Abraham Lincoln was fully devoted to his dog named as Fido. That dog was a close companion who would carry parcels for Lincoln. Not only this but he always used to wait outside Billy the Barber’s in Springfield while Lincoln had his hair cut. The way an American leader Lincoln treated his dog and shows his sensitivity towards his pet speaks louder that how one should treat his dog.

There are several more real stories about dogs loyalty in which ‘Hachiko’ is also important where a dog waited for his owner outside the station even after his owner demise. That dog throughout his life used to daily wait outside the station that once his owner will be back and he will be happy to see him. But Hachiko had given his last breaths outside that station.

This loyal animal is your best friend who has a right to be taken care properly.

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