Do Parrots Understand What They Say?

Do Parrots Understand What They Say?

Do Parrots Understand What They Say ?

Since the dawn of time, humans have been fascinated with the countless mind-boggling things they witness. Curious minds tirelessly worked on how the solar system works, the rotations and revolutions of the earth around the sun, how light is reflected, et cetera. Perchance, the most perplexing fact was the Psittaciformes’ ability to talk. Psittaciformes, commonly known as parrots, consist of 390+ species of birds that are noisy with feathers of bright, vibrant colours. Of these species, many of them are known as talking birds.

If you are a bird-lover or a pet-lover in general, you must relish the idea of chatting with your beloved pet. Expressing your innermost feelings to someone you love can be heart-warming. Plus, getting genuine feedback on what you said is the icing on the cake. Parrots are excellent talkers. As such, you must have wondered whether they can meet your desired expectations.



  1. The Eclectus Parrot
  2. Abyssinian Lovebird
  3. Macaw
  4. Yellow-Headed Amazon
  5. Yellow-Crowned Amazon
  6. Yellow-Naped Amazon
  7. Blue-Fronted Amazon
  8. White-Fronted Amazon
  9. Lilac-Crowned Amazon
  10. Orange-Winged Amazon
  11. Panama Amazon
  12. Mealy Amazon
  13. Congo African Grey
  14. Timneh African Grey
  15. Australian Galah
  16. Yellow-Crested Cockatoo
  17. Long-Billed Corella
  18. Budgerigar
  19. Monk Parakeet
  20. Australian King Parrot
  21. Indian Ring-Neck Parakeet
  22. Derbyan Parakeet
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